Supporting Young Children During the Pandemic

Supporting Young Children During the Pandemic


  • the different types of experiences young children and families are having
  • how young children are coping with the many social and lifestyle changes
  • how caregivers are coping and supporting their children during this time


Remember, babies and young children communicate through their behaviour
Signs your child may need more support:


SleepSleeping problems

SadIncreased clinginess or separation anxiety

SleepEmotional outbursts or temper tantrums

SadGoing backwards in previously developed skills

SleepNew or increased fears and worries


Young children THRIVE with a caregiving relationship that is warm, responsive and supportive

It’s important to:

the signs and respond with warmth and affection

honestly with your child but keep it brief and focused on facts

routines and clear boundaries to help your child feel safe

and do activities outside the home regularly

of your own wellbeing and seek help when needed

media exposure and adult discussion around worries

Contact your GP, mental health professional or children’s health service for more information and support.
The CareForKids article "The impact of COVID-19 on young children and what you can do"
The Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service's "COVID-19 Unmasked"