\'Process art\' ideas for Christmas

\'Process art\' ideas for Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and now is the time to plan for activities for your children, or even just for yourself, that are both entertaining and engaging. Undertaking a few process art activities are a great way to help children of all ages to have a happy and memorable Christmas. There is a special bonus for many of these activities as the completed artworks may make excellent gifts!

What is process art?

Process art is an open-ended activity where the children are in control of how something is created rather than following step-by-step instructions. It is about experimentation and exploration.

Unlike crafts and regular forms of art creation, process art is art creation where the focus is all about the experience of creating the art. It's about how the children feel as they experiment with the materials by providing them with the opportunity to be creative and to try new techniques. And it doesn't matter if the completed artwork looks terrible! That's fine. It's the experience that matters most. If it does work out then what a wonderful Christmas gift for someone!

What developmental benefits does process art offer?

Social and emotional skill development, language and literacy proficiency gains, cognitive awareness development and physical motor skill development. All are very good reasons to consider encouraging your children to undertake process art activities.

Image by Gloria Kaye from Pixabay