Fathering Facts

Did you know that 96% of new dads took time off for the birth of their kids? Or that 90% new dads regularly change nappies? For various reasons, the previous generation could only manage 66% and 69% respectively on those two points. Dads are hugely important to a child's upbringing and so it is great to hear of this and other improvements.

The Fathering Project, an organisation that aims to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to effectively engage with their kids, has recently completed a survey of around 1,800 Aussie dads and the findings are both revealing and encouraging.

We know that workplaces are changing and we’re breaking down traditional gender roles. This allows females to be more present and males to be more present as fathers. Being present starts at birth and we’re seeing more employers encouraging and making provisions for paternity leave.
A key focus of The Fathering Project is to inspire and encourage dads and father-figures to be more engaged by making the time to connect with their children. Our Dads Groups are a perfect example of dads being creative through learning and play to connect with their kids.
  • An effective and engaged father or father-figure helps to:
    • Reduce alcohol, tobacco and drug use
    • Reduce suicide & self-harm
    • Increase health outcomes
    • Increase self-esteem and resilience
    • Reduce bullying behaviours

  • Effective and engaged fathering also helps to:
    • Increase social responsibility and social maturity
    • Reduce engagement in unhealthy and risky behaviours
    • Increase physical activity
    • Increase student connectedness with school

The Fathering Project delivers resources, programs, and events specific to the engagement style and needs of dads and father-figures. Their resources and programs help to inspire and equip dads and father-figures to be the best they can be and to remind our dads and father-figures that they have an important role in building resilience, self-respect, positive self-worth and emotional intelligence in their children.

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