The Benefits of STEM Education in Early Childhood Education

The Benefits of STEM Education in Early Childhood Education

Why consider STEM education in early childhood development?

The natural impulse towards exploring, interaction and observation starts in early childhood, even before primary school. It is during this time that children are most amenable to the wonders and puzzles of what would normally be considered the subject of a higher level of learning.


It is “During the earliest years, infants and toddlers develop 700 neural connections every second,” according to Jennifer Buchter, a visiting lecturer in Educational and Clinical Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “These biologically driven neurological processes and natural curiosity of how the world works make early childhood an optimal time to introduce children to scientific inquiry.”


It is during the earliest years that infants and toddlers develop 700 neural connections ever second. It is the actions of these neurological processes that foster a natural curiosity of how things work that make the early childhood period such an optimal time to introduce scientific inquiry into these developing and open minds.


This sensitive period of development ought to be utilised to start your children off in the right direction towards success in further STEM education. “Once these neurological pathways are developed, they go through a pruning process in which synapses that are not used are eliminated,” Jennifer said.

What are the benefits of STEM learning in Early Childhood Education?

  • Leverages a child's natural interest and active exploration
  • Builds resilience and character
  • Fosters curiosity and exploration
  • Enhances ingenuity and creativity
  • Encourages lifelong learning
  • Improves social-emotional skills
  • Boosts media and technology literacy
  • Encourages experimentation
  • Positively impacts academic outcomes
  • Encourages independent and collaborative learning

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Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay