Adopting a New Cat? 5 Tips for New Cat Parents

Adopting a cat

Photograph of a lady with a mobile phone and a kitten on a bed.

1. Prep your home ahead of time

  • Crate or carrier to safely bring home your new feline friend
  • Food dish and appropriate food for your kitten or adult cat
  • Water dish
  • Quiet area to set up food and water
  • Litter box, litter scoop and litter (if you have more than one cat, supply one box per cat so they have adequate space)
  • Cats are very curious, so remove breakables on shelves or tables that cats could access
  • Make sure you have no ductwork, HVAC registers or other holes that could be hazardous — or cover them up.
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2. Choose a “starting room”

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3. Offer them a cozy hideout


4. Set up their first vet appointment


5. Let them come to you

Photograph of a young girl holding a cat.